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What to Expect and How it Works


Counselling can be either short or long term. Short term suits a client who may just have one particular life challenge to explore.


Some clients seek support when life becomes overwhelming. When they have worked through the challenge and are feeling better, they can choose to take a few months off, returning when a new issue arises.

Discuss your needs

Counselling and Psychotherapy  often draw on different modalities throughout a session.


A counsellor generally learns many modalities over their years of study and practice before specialising in a few. A wholistic range of top down and bottom up approaches is very effective.  In this practice the focus includes Internal Family Systems, EMDR, EAP, Emotion Focused Therapy and Somatic Therapy.


Psychotherapy is generally longer term with a minimum of 6 sessions needed to get the most out of the therapy. 


This time allows the counsellor to support the client in exploring how their past is currently impacting their present. It enables healing to occur and fosters the development of more adaptive and positive ways of being.


Depending on the client's situation it can either be weekly or fortnightly sessions. 

Different modalities

Before booking a session, think about what your challenges are and what you might like to achieve through your therapy.


This will help us to create a treatment plan that addresses your needs and is a good fit for you.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

When clients ask me what is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), I describe it as very similar to what I do in my regular counselling and psychotherapy sessions, however, it has the added benefit of having a therapy horse as part of the therapy team. 

The horse is a wonderful mirror to the self and helps the clients to develop great self awareness in a completely non-judgemental relationship.

Not all EAP practitioners are registered mental health professionals so not all EAP is the same. With me, rest assured during your EAP sessions, you will be getting the same quality of counselling and psychotherapy that you would receive in my consulting room.

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