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Counselling Consultation

Take this time to get a little support

Finding the right counsellor for you can be stressful, time consuming and expensive.  To make this process easier, a free and confidential initial 20min consultation is provided.

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Find the right counsellor for you

Counselling is very individual and it is imperative you find a counsellor to suit your needs. Not all mental health professionals are the same.  Trust your instinct and ask yourself 'Do I feel safe and can I trust in the abilities of this counsellor?' Research shows the quality of the counsellor-client relationship is critical to supporting positive therapeutic outcomes for clients.

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What to expect from counselling

Take this time to have a confidential chat about the challenges you're facing. Our discussion will help you identify the outcomes you want from therapy and give you insight to decide if I am the right fit for you. This session will inform and empower you to make the right choice and it will also enable me to ensure I am the best practitioner for your needs. 

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Therapy models used

The therapy models used range from short term counselling solution focused interventions, to more long term psychodynamic models which look into the hidden reasons which are causing a clients maladaptive behaviours, thoughts and painful emotions. Models include EMDR which is used to support the client in processing stuck and triggering memories by clearing away the painful emotions attached to this memory.

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