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Freestyle Journaling - Self Help Therapy

Journaling offers an experience and genuine insight very unique to you. The simple act of releasing your inner thoughts by writing them down on paper, not only has a cathartic relief promoting personal growth, but also gives a voice to your own psyche. Think back to Freud and the importance of connecting to your subconscious. Freestyle personal journaling releases you from expectation and judgment, allowing your deep unconscious life to just materialise on the paper in front of you.

As a mental health wellbeing tool it can be used to overcome anxiety, depression, promote self-awareness and provide a gateway to your deepest thoughts, desires and fears.

The simple practice of journaling takes up no more time than you would spend watching your favourite tv series on youtube with it. The real benefits from journaling come over time as you become aware of yourself and thoughts that represent your deep subconscious.

To know your own experience we have to listen to ourselves, which is hard in a world so full of noise and commotion. But journaling offers respite, like an oasis in the desert, a place to recoup.

If you happen to be in therapy, taking your journaling notes into session with you to share and explore with your therapist can be an amazing window into your psyche. Your mental health and wellbeing is connected to your individual experience of you, your life and past events. Journalling can connect you to yourself.

Hey so what are you waiting for? Go dig out a pen and pad and get started :)

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