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Therapy works best if you can find a therapist you can establish a trusting connection with. But finding the right counsellor for you can be stressful and often a waste  time and money spent with the wrong therapist. 


To make this process easier an initial free 20min phone consultation is offered. Take this time to have a confidential chat about the challenges you're facing. you will get help identifying the outcomes you want from therapy and also gain the insight to decide if it's a good fit for you. 


Every counsellor uses different models of therapy. So make sure to ask about or share the models that you are interested in or may have worked for you in the past. 

The therapy models used range from short term counselling solution focused interventions, to more long term psychotherapy which looks into what is causing negative behaviours, thoughts and painful emotions. This process allows healing and for positive changes and outcomes to occur.


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